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Welcome to the CRANKSHAFT ALIGNMENT Web Site!

Finally, a reliable and easy to use solution for Crankshaft Alignment is now available from TECHNICAL SOFTWARE co.

From the early beginning of using diesel engines on ships, the maritime classification societies have set technical rules for periodically recording of the engine crankshaft deflection, in order to avoid the breakdown of the engine crankshaft.
The engine builder companies have provided, in the engine instruction book, a chapter concerning this matter, where instructions for: correct recording procedure, sign convention for the readings, allowed limits for the crankshaft deflection and eventually a method to interpret the taken readings are given.
However, none of these methods give a satisfactory answer concerning the position of the main bearings, which are corresponding to the recorded crankshaft deflection.
The software for engine crankshaft alignment is based on the unitary bearing offset, i.e. the measured or calculated crankshaft deflections, when each bearing is offset by 0.1 mm reported to the other bearings.
For a specific application, the unitary deflections depend on the physical dimensions of the crankshaft, static forces involved and crankshaft configuration (position of chain/gear driver, tuning wheel, take-off, designed offset bearing and so on).
The unitary deflections are calculated with non distributable software, after collecting the necessary information for engine configuration, if this information is not already in our database.
When the new software for engine crankshaft alignment is installed on board the ship / Shipping Company Office / Power Plant Office and so on, this has already all the necessary information for the contracted application, ready to record the new taken crankshaft deflection readings and to process them.
The Crankshaft Alignment software calculates bearing position on vertical and horizontal plan and gives a reliable graphic representation of the engine crankshaft and the alignment of main bearings.
In addition, the software introduces the possibility for simulating the alignment work on both plans. The new graphics obtained show the expected crankshaft deflections after the proposed re-alignment. This feature might be useful to plan ahead of the repair work, according to the disposable time.
The calcultion of the crankshaft / engine sag, the other feature of the software, is useful for the initial alignment of the engine on board the vessel, or when the engine re-chocking job is required.
All this information can be printed out or saved as image format, ready for sending by e-mail to the Main Office or to the persons who might need the information.
For more details, please visit the other pages of our Web, which are parts of a DEMO application; however the readings are from the real life.

    George Pescaru,  M.Sc.   30 years in the field of large diesel engines & software programming.  

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